Planning Commission

Agenda can be downloaded here: Download

Executive Order can be downloaded here: Download

It has been determined by the Village of Lawton that an electronic meeting is necessary to protect public health during this COVID-19 crisis. Michigan Governor Whitmer has issued executive order, No. 2020-75, that authorizes remote participation in public meetings.


BY PHONE: Dial +1 (312) 626-6799 and ENTER Meeting ID# 223 344 0545

BY COMPUTER: and ENTER Meeting ID# 223 344 0545

Public participation is encouraged and procedures facilitating that participation are further outlined on the agenda and supplemental materials attached here. If you have questions or comments you would like addressed to the Village Council, and you are unable to make the meeting, please forward them to the Village Manager at or call Village Hall at 269.624.6407.

The Village of Lawton is subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Individuals with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and require accommodations in order to allow them to observe and/or participate in this meeting, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of this meeting or the facilities, are requested to contact Joni Bell, Village Clerk, 3 days before the meeting at (269) 624-6407, or to allow the Village to make reasonable accommodations for those persons.